South Africa Parliament Introduces Bill To Legalize Dagga

The Medical Innovation Bill, a bill to legalize Cannabis in South Africa for medical, economic and industrial purposes, was introduced in parliament today.

The bill was submitted by Member of Parliament, Mario GR Oriani-Ambrosini from the Inkatha Freedom Party. The Medical Innovation Bill aims to make provision for innovations in medical treatments by legalising the use of cannabis for medical, economic and industrial purposes.

Last year Oriani-Ambrosini was diagnosed with stage four, inoperable lung cancer, which forms the background to this bill. People with life-threatening diseases such as cancer are legally denied access to a medicine that they could be growing themselves. Under current legislation, medical practitioners are legally denied the right to prescribe proven to be effective and harmless medication to their patients, which includes cannabis, on the basis that it hasn’t been approved in terms of the legally required double blind clinical studies.

However, such studies are often considered “economically” unviable. The profits in the pharmaceutical industry come from patents, and cannabis, a plant that’s in the public domain, can’t be patented. Oriani-Ambrosini said that millions of people were going through the hell of being a cancer patient, and die and suffer, possibly unnecessarily, because government was not funding research and expediting approval for treatments where there was no profit to be made. This results in unnecessary human suffering and death on a mass scale, with consequent immense social and economic costs.

That’s where the bill comes in. The bill’s objectives are to establish one or more research hospitals where medical innovation can take place, especially with regard to the treatment and cure of cancer. The bill would also legalize the medical, industrial and commercial use of dagga in South Africa in accordance with emerging world standards. The bill creates a dispensation that would only permit doctors in research hospitals that are authorized by the Minister of Health to prescribe and administer cannabis based medicine to South African patients.

Cannabis as a treatment for cancer has been well documented in the scientific community and the world is catching on; every day there are more and more cannabis and cancer success stories surfacing online. Last year Ambrosini publically stated that he was pursuing an alternative treatment to his cancer, and he had been doing so for a while. “At this point, I shall not speak or vouch for such a treatment, nor discredit it. My death or survival will do so”.

We certainly do live in interesting times.

The bill is available to view here, and the public is invited to comment. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Watch the video of the bill being presented to parliament:

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  1. THENDO says:

    Since I had to use it,I don’t remember going to the doctor like I used to before I started using it……if it be legal sure lot will be cured from many diseases

    • Good day

      I believe dagga have many medicinal properties, and can assist in the creation of many so called up and coming black farmers (JOB CREATION)for the sole purpose of planting dagga for exports and local medicinal markets.
      I also think that Government must give NGO companies a license to plant dagga for the purpose of research for the above mentioned farmers.

    • Kim Isaacs says:

      Hi Thendo, I am doing an assignment about marijuana and the Medical Innovation Bill would you mind leaving me your email address so i can askypu some questions about this, please?

  2. joseph says:

    I use to have asma but now i do not have any more.

  3. Fred Oberholzer says:

    A look at a USA based website where the pros and cons of the use of medically prescribed cannabis / marijuana is discussed does not according to my observation of the discussions of the people who vote against it, provide adequate proof that it is either toxic or dangerous. The advantages of the use thereof is overwelming. I vote a big YES for the legalising of cannabis/ marijuana for medical purposes.

  4. Igada says:

    Even kings smoke it so i thnk its gud lol

  5. Mo Makau says:

    It’s a well known fact that cannabis users are mostly peaceful and rational people, whether it’s part of the effects of cannabis or not I don’t have the medical research to prove it but I say “LEGALISE IT” we have enough boozers and drugies running our beautiful country to the ground…

  6. Donald says:

    i’m falling in love with mzansi allover again

  7. Ryan Aidas says:

    i say yes, this could be the start of something that could be profitable for our country, i am really interested in pursuing a career in the study and production of medical marijuana.

  8. Edith says:

    I have been smoking for 50 odd years ! I don’t use any medication whatsoever ! I don’t wear glasses. I am almost 65 and still fit and healthy ! Brain and body still very active ! I vote to legalize weed please !!!!!!!

  9. why why can drink your alcohol so it is fair to say let ppl who wanna use cannabis use question what did weed do to you minister bcoz boost make me babbalas

  10. Wongalethu xaji says:

    Legalization of marijuana woule be the greatest thing to have happenned to Africa after the coronation of His Imperial would be a new lease on life for many Africans,it would be a difining moment in the freedom of South Africa as a country and a people.saying we are free from the apartheid and all its law which still bid so far.

  11. Peach says:

    i wonder if someone would be able to prosecute the government with an abandoned and malignant heart murder for not legalizing medical dagga, since there are people dying unnecessarily because they are being denied effective treatment.

  12. eL-Tee says:

    Why not legalize Cannabis? Bob Marley is the world most well known star and peacefull guy that smoked weed. Cigarette and Alcohol are the most dangerous drugs that resulted in more than beyond deaths, whereas weed has non but instead it cures diseases and make people humble, civilized and well collected. It would be stupid not to legalize Cannabis because we will smoke it either ways. Yes to weed.

  13. Nick says:

    I don’t know how it hasn’t been legalized already when alcohol is legal. There are probably no/very few weed related deaths ever, compared to alcohol which has frightening statistics. It’s just a plant, how can something like Ritalin be prescribed to so many children across the world and be legal when they don’t even know how it works yet, but a natural plant like weed is illegal. I’ve never known anyone to become aggressive after smoking weed, while even the calmest people get into fights while drunk. Pleeease legalize weed South Africa

    • Joel says:

      I agree completely! Alcohol and tobacco are one of the leading causes of death/injury/health issues worldwide, but are legal. I’ve never heard of death by marijuana. Smoking it would make it as harmful as tobacco products but smoking is not the only way to consume it. I vote for complete legislation of this plant to be used in any manner by any individual.

  14. yugeshen says:

    The memembers of the government shud try smokn weed so dy knw wat we talkn abt I don’t knw how weed bcame illegal in the 1st place how can u make sumthng dat is made by god illegal and plus it has never killed any1 b4, but watever the ace is we don’t realy care coz we not going to stop smoking, if url don’t smoke weed I don’t knw wat ur are doing with ur lives

  15. kieranphillips says:

    I really want Mary-j to be legalized because wtf… If alcohol is legal then why not mary-j… I mean it has much worse effects on you. Please please please legalise marijuana !!!

  16. Prince says:

    It is a good innovation espcially in these tough times. Economically marijuana could either cripple or boost or revenue but if strategies are put in place then we can rest assured for success,like legalizing it in a few portions of south africa so that persons who don’t need marijuana dnt get unecessary access to it. If the specific location is chosen then that location should be filled with business opportunities that will benefit our economy(Las Vegas Type of place)

  17. Anonymous-A says:

    I think to be honest it can be a profitable margin for our economy. I have never seen someone smoke marijuana & so much as harm a fly. The most dangerous part of smoking marijuana in South Africa is getting caught. I’m all for legalization of marijuana. Let the cops deal with real issues & fill the prisons with real criminals. Your choice is who you choose to be & if your causing no harm then your alright with me.S2

  18. Legalize Jah herbs says:

    Dont critisize it

  19. Bonginkosi Kemet Ndebele says:

    It is evident that too much of anything or any substance is bad for a person’s well-being, therefore legalisation of weed is vital n neccesary to save lives. Do guns kill people or do people kill people???

  20. Tron says:

    One of the huge issues that is not being hi lighted is the fact that legal growing of dagga will lead to hemp production.
    This will effect the huge cotton industry and upset the balance of power with all the uses of hemp that will displace other existing industries.
    South Africa has the ideal climate for hemp and dagga.
    (We also have existing dagga farmers)
    We would become the leading producer in the world.
    Fully legalising dagga will lead to many things.
    40% of prisoners in our jails are on dagga related charges because stoners are an easy bust. they put up no resistance and the cop gets a bust to their credit.
    This means less prisoners. Less state funds spent. Cops have more time to go after REAL criminals. Stoners wont have criminal records.
    People will have access to a fantastic health product.
    Maybe some people will stop drinking and be stoners. (less violence etc.)

  21. Yelap@bi says:

    I do marijuana not drugs.before you judge me,Make sure your hands are clean

  22. Ella Brett says:

    I have noticed I am much happier and loving in general when smoking. It will brin South Africans together!! Hemp grows at a much faster rate than trees so we will be greener! Can be exported to the world. Its a plant… a simple plabt… How can it be illegal? Id rather be around smokers then drinkers. We will hVe so much less car accidents on the rd. Alot less cancer patients and unneccesary deaths. More jobs. More love :) BRING IT ON SOUTH AFRICA!!!

  23. kwazi says:

    marijuana should be legalize in this country because it has got no negative effect but only positive one and alcohol is the one that plays with human minds but its legal and the useful drug is banned what is that

  24. adeyemo says:

    Just legalize it mara! hurryyy

  25. [...] contradictory debate regarding marijuana legalisation (see the videos below!). It was attended by Dr Mario Ambrosini, Dr EV Rapiti and Matthew [...]

  26. Claudia Sandra Wilson says:

    If only I knew, I would have cured my dad from cancer, long ago!!!

  27. Reality Check says:

    Keep it illegal. Keep big pharma and Monsanto and other GM giants away from it. We are taking good care of Ganja. What has government ever taken good care of huh? NO. Do NOT give them weed. You will kill the little growers in Swaziland and the Transkei as big farms steal their bread. Big, mechanized, pesticide riddled farms. It is not medicine if you go put a chemmy sauce all over it.

    Keep it illegal. Just tolerate the patients. Just that, a policy by police to not arrest sick people for smoking. It will suit us all.

    But please, vote against legal weed. It is a BAD idea like California and Colorado smokers are learning. Prices are better, quality is very low.

  28. Mark says:

    I have studied the cannabis oil subject for a few years now and when my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer my journey began. I first discovered The Rick Simpson oil and made some for her. I am glad to say that we cured her of her cancer and she is about to leave on her first holiday to Bali now that she is cancer free. Subsequently i have refined the oil extraction process and produce the purest extractions of high CBD non psychoactive or psychoactive oils depending on the ailment. I am currently treating a number of people with varying illnesses with great results and i am also working closely with a growing number of doctors who want to remain anonymous at present but we hope legislation will change in time. Despite the risk and the fact that i could go to jail for 25 years for trying to help people that our current system has failed does not change my conviction. I will continue to do this for people who need this oil to the best of my ability with or without the so called authority. Lets keep healing and giving people the information they need to help themselves.

  29. Debbie says:

    I like the idea that it can be prescribed as many people I know benefit from it regardless of the legality but would get very sick if locked away for it – however if it becomes something that is too commercialised it loses its naturalism and neutrality and price become compromised – any way rather a smoker than a drinker be!!!

  30. Codioh says:


  31. Wanda says:

    My Friend has one bad lung that looks like its 50 years older then him, he smokes this every morning to help him breath better for the day i dont know why but it works he stopped smoking for a week to see if it was making a diffrents and the first 2 days his chest was so tight he could hardly breath i know some people use this plant wrongly but its so much better and healthier then the shops or bottle stores.
    I hope they can do something to help the people out there who has to suffer every day because the to scared to be on the wrong side of the law, people lets stand together and make our voices heard!!!

  32. Kyle says:

    i don’t understand why the government and this world needs to be selfish. All they want is money and if Cannabis was legal, they would lose out on quite a bit. Even so, it should still be made legal because it helps thousands out there, even me

  33. Kelz says:

    Herb is a healing of Nations.#jahbless

  34. Tiago says:

    If you look at Amsterdam, they have legalized it except they just put certain laws on it so that it can’t be exploited. The Netherlands has made tons of money and has attracted millions of tourists to their country just to go down to Amsterdam and smoke weed. We could be putting South Africa out there as well as helping all the medicinal marijuana users.

  35. wilie says:

    I am using it for more than 12 years it has helped me through multiple operations and I go to dr very little,ITS NATURAL and doesn’t kill anyone rape any one or is addictive

  36. Kristy says:

    We as South Africans should vote to decriminalize both Marijuana and hemp.
    We should start focusing on utilising these plans for greater use, marijuana is not just about getting high it’s a way of life, like people taking a multi-vitamin every morning.

    Hemp can be utilised for an incredible amount of industrial purposes such as Hemp creed (used as an affordable alternative to concrete housing), Hemp oil and pups as a source of vitamins, clothing (Hemp clothing is twice as fire retardant as denim) , paper (hemp consist of 83% cellulous which paper is made of against wood consisting of 36% cellulous).

    We can do so much for our country just by taking this one step!
    Low cost housing will last longer and be cheaper to build. Cancer, MS, depression, and so many other diseases can be managed even cured by the use of marijuana.

    If you want an awesome informative movie watch “What we can do if we grow” on youtube

  37. IreMan limpre says:

    . am surviving victim of Asthma and testimony of weed now its 8yrs free from short breaths

  38. [...] debate to be found in what was predominantly a poorly researched and contradictory bashing of the Medical Innovation Bill, something which the author and sourced expert knew practically nothing about yet saw fit to give [...]

  39. [...] debate to be found in what was predominantly a poorly researched and contradictory bashing of the Medical Innovation Bill, something which the author and sourced expert knew practically nothing about yet saw fit to give [...]

  40. sakhile says:

    Good day to all. Well let’s take a look at how many people die simply becouse of ciggaretes and no one seems to be noticing that. I don’t know if its me or is our goverment blind becouse the ligalization of cannibis in south africa will boost our economy dramatically. This might be a shocker to all of you but I started smoking cannibis since I was 12 years old and have I died? No I’m here telling you the wonders its done for me. I’m even able to concentrate and think way better. For all those who think cannibis is bad I pray you find the light and actually come to an understanding that such things are gifts from God which were put here for a purpose. People are literally dieing yet the cure is right in our face its like dieing from thirst with a bottle of water in your hand. I just want the goverment to see what they doing to our people and when will it take them to come to a conclusion becouse people are still dieing out there.

  41. Chris says:

    Yes I tottaly agree!!Breast Cancer! what about our amazing woman we have, our mothers our grandmothers our wifes and even our daughters or sisters, how many had to sit and watch helpless how they encounter all that pain and suffering and even amputation and you cant do anything about it, wouldnt it be great if you can just role that person a joint and make it all better,pack them a nice bong make some herbal tea for mommy telling them that everythings gona be allllllllright!!

  42. Louis K says:

    If marajuanna is illegal just because it’s (possibly) non-profitable, then that is greed, not law. Drugs are a problem, not this plant. It has helped many people in the past and legalising it will help many more. I too am a person who has seen positivity from this plant, I used to suffer from pains in my finger joints because I clicked them too much as a child. If even just for brief periods, marajuanna helped keeping that pains at bay.

  43. I say fuck thê cops weed must be legal for the future cuz Mabe ppl wil live beter be friendly and not be harmfull to others look at us the cops mst chase thiefs robberz and cat users not weed of stoners if any Cop has a prob with weed ïll say you are fucking stupid i vote weed to be legal thats why i believe in the words GOD MADE WEED and MEN MADE BEER who do you TRUST our GOD and who is wth me vote weed ppl thats our futuristiese add me on bbm if u stand wth me on my message and we will show the cops who we are dont be scared 2A69EB94 Peace ma brother and sister and live to be a stoner

  44. Peter M M says:

    Well, well ,well, so far everybody is FOR legalising marijuana, many referring to personal or other beneficial experience. Why is there NO support for the ban?
    In psychiatry it is well known that cannabis, the main psychoactive substance in marijuana, IS an independent risk factor for the later development of Schizophrenia, the earliier the exposure, the higher the risk. In our public psychiatric hospital the majority of male young admissions and numerous readmissions have substances as a prediposing, precipitating and prepetuating factor in their illness. Marijuana is the commonest substance used by psychiatric patients, (apart from nicotine and alcohol), because its cheap and easy to get despite the ban. Mentally ill individuals lack the motivation, sophistication and the finances required to seek the upmarket substances like herion crack-cocaine etc and resort to marijuana. Its use also exposes them to other street drugs like Tik, mandrax and others. Co-morbidity of mental illness with substances, including marijuana, leads to more severe illness (in particular psychosis) that gets more and more difficult to treat, leading to more and longer hospitalisations.
    Patients with substance co-morbidity default their medication more often and have far worse outcomes than their counterparts that do not use substances. Lets balance the debate please, for the benefit of all.

    • Shawn Myburgh says:


    • edmund welthagen says:

      your story doesn’t gel bro>>>>> I would venture that your patients used man made chemicals to get to the stage that they need hospitalization> they probably suffer from some mental defect before they used the herb>also you should explain to them that if you smoke man made shit you will get sick. thers no basis for your statement> you fail to mention how many of your patients abused alcohol tic meth herion mandrax etc at the same time they smoke weed> we all know that doctors will prescribe any shit to people as long as they get kickbacks from companies supplying them with drugs>its a fact. I wouldn’t trust any doctor who doesn’t smoke the weed himself.he just doesn’t have a clue what hes on about>>>>>>>there is absolutely no justification to blame the herb for the condition of your patients. I would rather look to the shit drugs that have been prescribed to allegedly “cure” them than to blame the herb.

    • edmund welthagen says:

      another point I wanted to make is that psychiatry degrees are for people who don’t make the cut to be real doctors. show me one just one patient that was ever cured, of any mental problem, that he or she had, by a psychiatrist!!!!!!!.
      not to mention that the drugs they prescribe are more often than not detrimental to the patient, that is why they have to change medication often until they find the drug that has that patient so drugged up they don’t know what day of the week it is. and as I said before they all get kickbacks from the companies that supply the drugs.

    • DIAS says:


  45. Festerin9Fiesta says:

    Hi Guys,

    I just wanted to add something , they don’t give a goddamn shit about the people dying from cancer! They leave alcohol and cigarettes legal so that people can die.. lower the population even though it takes years it still does its job!Not to mention they make a killing on it because they are addictive substances! I am a Ganja man all the way! I would literally give my left testicle for this self centered government to legalize weed. Only time will tell what will happen. As for now I will stay baked 25 hours a day 8 days a week! 420!!

  46. Dillon Kilian says:

    I believe my dads gastric cancer was caused by bench drinking for many years. He is stage 3 and has denied the morphine and treatments. Just like Oriani-Ambrosini my dad is now pursuing an alternative treatment to his cancer. My dad was anti cannabis but says he would not be able to live on the many drugs prescribed for his treatment. I am a user and for a very longtime, i have educated myself on the subject and i dislike uneducated users as they give it a bad image. I want the government to handle this like liquor and hand out licenses, to whomever is fit to obtain the license for whatever use may it be… prescribed by a doctor, bio fuel, building materials, clothing ect. There should be competition as this can be a expensive product. Feed the needy not the greedy.

  47. John Galt says:

    Hi there,

    I am 52 years old and have had Type II diabetes for 10 years. The first SIDE EFFECTS of my Diabetes only manifested this year in the form of Distal Neoropathy which is the burns and pain in the feet and legs. It is influencing my sleep drastically.

    I have the option of living on Voltaren, Brufen and Painpills but that comes with its own set of problems especially in the long term.

    I see many studies on the internet that show that it helps to use Cannabis derived medical products such as SATIVEX. It is not legal in SA yet and works out to about R129 per day which I cannot afford.

    It has been suggested to me to smoke a good quality weed and only one or two puffs at night before I go to bed.

    Having always been very anti drugs of any type and believing that it is a stepping stone drug for youngsters I am now faced with the dilemma of having to start smoking illegally in order to solve a medical problem. This at the age of 53 in two days.


    Maybe it is time for a mind shift.

    Now for my questions.

    (1) Is there any one here that has smoked to alleviate the problems of Diabetic Distal Neoropathy.
    (2) What amount do you smoke in a session and when i.e. evenings etc.
    (3) How much does it KNOCK you? I run my own company and cannot run around on trip the whole day.


    • John Galt says:

      OK, I have found most of the answers.

      Smoked two puffs just before bed time.

      Very relazed, not tripping as such and


      No pain now for the last three days. Slept through for the first time in years.

  48. [...] recently made local and international headlines with the submission to parliament of his Medical Innovation Bill to allow for progress in the fields of cancer and other terminal illness treatments, particularly [...]

  49. The demand for Weed is too great to ignore, if they legalize it will be better. America is losing the War on Drugs. The Drug War is not a war any Country can actually win. No matter how much money they throw at fighting the War on Drugs. The demand is too great firstly and secondly, people are going to what they want. It’s called freedom of choice. Especially if it’s something enjoyable / recreational and also proven to help medicinally. At least if weed is legal it’s a step towards less money wasted on the War on drugs and no imprisonment of people that’s caught smoking a plant which has never caused a single death in it’s existence. If anything the Country can profit from Legalization instead of losing money fighting a war that can’t be actually be won. Then there are proven studies which many ignore or disbelieve that it can help with serious illnesses such as Cancer and many other illnesses. Sell it as a country , don’t arrest people for using something that is going to be used by the masses one way or another.

  50. sbonelo says:

    say yes to weed due to the fact of full benefit like economically ,medical and industral purposes less mortality rate ,less likely to consult profesional doctors for emergency treatment or unforeinseen cercumstances

  51. jacques says:

    Does any know wat rights I have as a citizen to grow my own?? Not for any DISTRIBUTION just for use on the farm for all my animals ( over 50) to help with arthritis, sore joints, calming, and specially my horses because it works so well for horse sickness…
    This is strictly personal use ! Any advice??

  52. Ficky says:

    Hi All

    I have read all your comments such innocent comments and ugly ones. Mine is this: There is the Greatest God who created everything in Heaven and on Earth. He saw everything was good. So whatever is legal or illegal is up to you. He set before you life and death but for His choice you can choose life and not death. Everything was well said for Marijuana. If there is anyone who or want to use it to heal sicknesses and diseases to those who can’t exercise the word of God must go ahead and use legal marijuana. I am standing on God’s word when He promised that He finished everything on the cross. When He said, “Surely I have borne your griefs and carried your sorrows yet you esteemed Me; stricken, smeathen by God and afflicted; but I was wounded for your transgressions, bruised for your iniquities; chastisement of your peace was upon Me and by My stripes you were healed. This is how Christians should live according to the word of God. I don’t say don’t use marijuana for healing but I say to those who can’t exercise their faith. Remember when God told Ezekiel to go and pull some of the fig leaves and place under his armpit where he had boils. My statement here God created that tree and He never asked Ezekiel to use it and mixed it with drugged medicines. That was a raw medicine to heal Ezekiel. If this is an issue for almost of the people against cigarettes, cocaine, alcoholic, and all sort of drugs then I join the crew in agreement to use it as it is. Some of them had recommended it on their differ of sicknesses and diseases such as cancer, trauma, asthma, Arthritis etc.

    Thank you for your enthusiasm

    • believer says:

      just a few passages further supporting your statement.

      “Every herb bearing seed I give to you”

      “11 Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so. 12 The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.”

      “I will raise up for them a Plant of Renown, and they shall no more be consumed with hunger [for truth] in the land, nor bear the shame of the heathen any more. Thus shall they know that I the Lord their God am with them, and that they are my people.” (Ezekiel 34:29-30 KJV)

  53. Mpho says:

    As For economical growth. i think it will boost SA’s Economy because of people like me who have studied the plant and have entrepreneurial qualities.From A single plant about 1.5m you can produce 4-5 different products all containing THC. If Anyone is willing to invest in me will make a pretty good profit…

  54. Senzo says:

    Legalization of medical marijuana will benefit a our society a lot , economically and in terms of health.

  55. Zeigh says:

    As a varsity student studying with a student loan,I believe…legalising cannibas would be very effecient because maybe it could contribute to paying off our debts because I don’4 believe that students should be paying off debts for theor studies post studying. It’s unfair an rather frustrating. Many countries have tertiary students studying for free and yet we are still on this system. This legalization of cannibas will contribute a lot to the country’s economy.

  56. [...] the passing away of Mario Ambrosini last month, the Medical Innovation Bill lapsed in parliament due the rules of the National Assembly stipulating the a Bill cannot proceed [...]

  57. Shawn Myburgh says:

    They worried that Marijuanna will be a gateway drug to more harder drugs, ok fair, but lets look at this;

    If there is 20 000 people smoking marijuanna, why isnt there 20 000 cocaine or herion users as well?

  58. Faunce Burd says:

    Legalize cannibis, it’s cancer and other medicinal uses are widely documented and if people want to smoke it, let them. It’s probably less harmful than alchohol.

  59. Andy says:

    smoking weed “might” lead to lung problems,they say,but either from that it is no different to tobacco in regards with long term dangers,and thats a huge “might”.But for marijuana it doesnt stop there,it helps and might cure one of the huge pandemics we are dealing with(cancer) but tobacco is legal and weed is not.Please legalize weed and lets have some have and help people in the process

  60. Jacobus Pieterse says:

    I have been smoking Dagga since the age of 7 knowing the treatment to cancer and plenty of other diseases it has a cure to. I do not like much of politics but I can assure you being the age of 25 today it is harmless and does treat cancer positively as I am a Heavy tobacco smoker… There are traces to the cure for perthies a known chronic disease with for the reason I started smoking at such a young age in my life and thank God I have my bones in my body stronger than ever….. as well as better eye sight, due to better blood circulation through your eyes… Also helps with cholesterol, high blood pressure and low blood pressure… I’m still walking and still going strong. Just waiting for the legalization so that I may grow some for Doctors who would like to prescribe for their patients. As I am not going to charge money for something that the people do need desperately seeing most people are dying younger each and every day.

  61. Jaque says:

    There is a lot of drugs in the world and all of them do harm the human body and disables a person to interact with a society, but if that is a valid argument too keep weed not ti be legalized then it is fine but then actions needs too be taken to illegalize other drugs that do more harm than dagga. The best candidate is alcohol and who needs to say more in my opinion dagga does less damage in short term use(+/-1 year) than what a similar dosage of alcohol would do not only to the body and mind but to the lives of the people they interact with.

  62. Ikaneng Khunoana says:

    If the government wishes to legalise Medical Marijuana they should also legalise the commercial use of it, even though cancer patients will be prescribed the medication, society will also take advantage of that it’s better if you are charged to grow the weed n you are taxed to distribute and sell then put laws on the use of weed just like alcohol. This way the government will benefit on tax money from the distribution and tax on being able to grow it yourself that way it can be controlled and monitored

  63. well here in durban where i am from i smoke weed legal i neva had any sickness i had an inflamed ear drum smoked the weed and i am fine also in the process prey to god tat i gt well

  64. Bernie says:

    The legalization of marijuana is not only benificial to the user. In all honesty i think it might even be more benificial for the goverment. This is low cost good income for the country. These are the types of areas where double taxing is no problem whatsoever to the buyer. This is a natural plant that has saved lives. I have seen millions of rands being spent on special treatment with no substantial income. How is this then still under debate ? The cost for a small starting opperation to legalize marijuana will not come close to money being spent to try and upgrade treatment given to patients with an unsuccessfull outcome. Its a pain reliever, how can anyone be told they can get jail time for something thats making the remainder of their precious lives better and pain-free ? I think its time that logic takes over and research be done fully. Not only will this keep marajuana smugglers out of the country but will also benifit the country financially. If 1 person battling cancers life can even just slightly be improved by marajuana then theres no reason to argue the fact. Because never has it been recorded that marajuane has worsened any illness. Through all that i have read about this plant i havent picked up one death in history caused by marajuana. To me that means a can of coka-cola is more dangerous.

  65. Nathan says:

    The sad truth is that the legalisation of marijwana has such a large positive that it intensely out ways the cons with are all socially related. Legal hemp production would give South Africa the the ability to not just cause cancer but assist in developing the countrys economy refer to “the emperor wear no cloths” this book is an extensive wealth of information on this subject. those who criticis the legalisation often have no background information or have done no research on the subject. The proof of valid medical uses have been studied for many years and is factually based Rick Simons refer to “Run from the cure” give it away in Canada to people who were told there was no hope, we have living testimonies it curing cancer. I have been to Amsterdam and the tolerant attitude gives the place such a relaxing atmosphere as South Africans we should pursue the legalisation not just would it help us but also air neighbouring countries if the us a good model for hemp production as a source of income and not just for getting high and fists the attitude then your ignorant that’s just the truth of the matter. hemp can be used for the production of fiber, heath foods, oil, compressed wood, paper, oh did I mention bio fuels. The fact that a plant that is indigenous to the country is illegal. . . really now who gets that rite we are outlawing the growing of a plant not production so clearly there are outside forces preventing this from happening the global impact would inevitably shift so much power to Africa my personal opinion is that the western world would prefer to see us struggle and sell us drugs (pharmaceuticals) instead of us growing ad selling our own which ironically is af native plant not drug. its a crime for this plant to be seen as a drug.

  66. Mustical says:

    ATTENTION ALL HATERS : Smoking Marijuana DOESN’T make me a BAD person, just like going to church DOESN’T make u a GOOD person.

  67. 13L4CKOUT says:

    After reading a lot of the comments I think people still think too shallow about this topic, the legalization of cannabis will not only impact our farming/selling oppertunities but other oppertunities as well like nature conservationists to do EIA’s and regulate the impacts and effects of cannabis growing in farm lands, the job oppertunities for this legalization bill is absolutely enormous!

    Cannabis according to the american health association increases lung capacity in adults when a certain amount is smoked each day, not to mention the inhibiting effect it has on cancer cells, it can be used for uncontrollable seizures like epilepsie and even more psychological treatments like stress. This plant is truly a miracle plant and can bring in so much money for our country! South Africa has great soil and areas to grow this cannabaceae spp. The transkei is known by many for the great cannabis they produce already even when it is illegal, exporting those strains means money! ^_^
    Legalize and get it over with! Not like the “illegal” status is working at the moment anyway

  68. Adam says:

    Hi. I have been arrested for possession of Marijuana. I have been called a criminal for such an act. Thousands of people are living in fear and going through unnecessary trouble. Such an act can cause a person to have a criminal record on his/her name. This reduces many opportunities such as employment, traveling, etc… This may be increasing the unemployment rate in S.A. A huge amount of money and resources is being utilized to imprison innocent people. These funds can be used to catch real criminals. We need to get our voices out there and it should be recognized! 100% legalize the plant! Thank you.

  69. Mukelisiwe says:

    Cannabis should be legalized in South Africa for usage. The stigma that surrounds marijuana in society is portrayed by media I have to say. They always associate the herb with gangsters, violence, smuggling and raids but never will they ever broadcast the exhaustive list of the benefits of the usage of marijuana.

    The research has being scientifically proven and well documented. It would be a shame that society will continually be deprived from a free access of cannabis. The Department of Health should educate the communities about the real advantages of a controlled usage of marijuana and don’t get me wrong the abuse of any substance is not good even coffee, headache and sleeping tablets. But I must say that no case has ever been reported of someone actually dying from an overdose. The only side effect is that marijuana can demotivate you from doing activities that do not bring you joy or happiness because it taps into a high level of conscientiousness…
    Nevertheless the legalization of the usage of the plant will help government and save them tons money they spend on medicines that marijuana simply treats. It’s amazing how 1 plant can treat and also help prevent so many sicknesses or chemical imbalances. Its natures way for providing a remedy that is easily accessible to every one at no significant cost or any cost at all.

  70. edmund welthagen says:

    as I approach my 60th birthday I want to say that I have been a user (almost daily)since the age of 14>I challenge anyone so show me harmful effects of zoll,- criminals who blame zoll for crimes are seeking a way out ie it wasn’t me , iwas smoking dagga- what they don’t say is they were drinking OR SMOKING CRACK OR smoking mandrax or that new shit myope. so zoll gets a bad rep, all I want is to be able to grow a little plant that I can cultivate for personal use . another point that needs to be raised is the fact that crack herion meth and cocaine are now freely available on just about every street corner in south Africa thanks to a useless government that cant control themselves never mind the borders of our country. if the wife of the Intelligence minister can import cocaine from south America and get away with it surely we should be free to smoke a zoll. please wether you smoke eat or drink the herb write to your local MP supporting the decrimilizing of the herb.for all the Christians and do-gooders out there I draw your attention to Ezekial 34 v29 to 30(KJV) Jah live. Rasta Fari Roll o9n the day of true freedom > Free to choose I will smoke till I go to my grave.

  71. mr green says:

    So I have a few questions? 1st where does Oxygen come from? Why must we have less air too breath how is this fair? To anyone dont u need Oxygen? To live? ??????? Food water and air right? ?Or am I the only person with a brain ! Yoh we going too leave them

  72. phumlani says:

    i will keep on smoking on my way to zion

  73. Sean van Heerden says:

    Our government does not really care about what health issues people have they only care about money thats what makes their world go round thats why there is so much corruption, the only way they would legalize it is if they can make some money out of it so If someone can make them realize that if they legalize it they can tax it and make money maybe then they would consider legalizing it

  74. CC says:

    Hubby started using cannabis oil to cure his cancer. Stopped taking the 20 odd tablets that was prescribed for him daily. Wow he is looking good and doing great. Will never stop using no matter what. PLEASE LEGALISE THIS WONDERFUL PLANT. given to us by God to cure all ailments

  75. keagan says:

    Pharmaceuticals company’s make a literal killing off the illegalness of marijuana ,due to it having the potential of curing so many illnesses with such few side effects ,as it can be grown in your backyard. These pharmaceutical company’s work hand in hand with the government and therefore see it as a huge threat to there industry but at the end of the day life is worth more than wealth. Legalisation will stimulate both econmic growth and put South Africa on a path of development. I vote pride over prejudice !!!

  76. Keagan says:

    Pharmaceutical company’s see it as a threat, due to it having the potential of curing so many illnesses with such few side effects ,as it can be grown in your backyard. These pharmaceutical company’s work hand in hand with the government and therefore see it as a huge threat to there industry but at the end of the day life is worth more than wealth. Legalisation will not only stimulate econmic growth but will save thousands of lives. I vote pride over prejudice!!!

  77. Carl says:

    I’m all for it let’s light up the world with good vibes :)

  78. michaela says:


  79. Janet O'Donoghue says:

    What about ALL the people who do NOT have medical aid or access to doctors i.e. “the poor”. Do we just go home and die when we are capable of growing our own medicine and treating ourselves? This is NOT an equitable Bill and is geared to pharmaceutical monopoly. I propose that Cannabis be removed from this Bill and legalised and regulated as per tobacco and alcohol. No mess, no fuss. Then we can just get on with it and nobody need die from cancer or suffer the hundreds of ailments Cannabis treats – minimal beneficiation required

  80. papier says:

    i can’t believe that government wants 2 make profit from a herb, n how companies can patent a seed n plant that comes from nature, i don’t get that people buy in2 everything just 4 the sake of money. i use weed coz my 4fathers used it b4 it became “illegal”. how sum1 can buy medical weed from a pharmacy is beyond me.. it doesn’t make sense or wait in the name of profit/money it’s all gud!

  81. Deon says:

    Do you really think the MIB is the correct route to take in uplifting this country at all levels?

  82. Melissa says:

    I’m a huge Polycystic ovarian syndrome suffer and if dagga was legal I won’t have to suffer with the pains in my shomach daily. The medical costs of my medication is to high over 4000.00 plus a docters fees I feel nausea vomiting lost of appetite. I feel miserable. I can feel these cystic in my shomach. Where as a herb like dagga/cannibis could help me. Live a normal pain free life. If the president ZUMA was to legalise dagga he would save another life!!!!! We lost a good man Marco thru lung cancer!!!! ZUMA help me with my PCOS problem I could live a normal life

  83. jabulani says:

    What is happing with the weed in South Africa?

  84. Rashaad says:

    legalise it is all i actually want to say, because i am a smoker of fine marijuana and would like to grow it legally not only for my own purpose but for some of the elderly that needs to use it because medication doesnt help them sleep better at night, but also i want to grow it for my medical treatment aswell. dont hesitate, legalise

  85. Tony says:

    Hi I could not sleep before 12-1am every day for years till I was introduced to the marijuana and all it took was two puffs every night for few months and now years later I sleep like a champion sometime at the latest 9pm,since then I changed my perspective over the plant,and at the end of the day its not processed and addictive like tobacco which is crazy expensive. now I smoke maybe once every six months with friends for fun,and I enjoy every bit of it.

  86. Karlien says:

    My daughter is 10 years old, they just informed me that they are unable to assist her anymore since the cancer has spread. As a parent I will do anything in my power to help her and manage her pain, but one of the things I need now is cannabis oil. It is illegal and therefore I am expected to watch my daughter suffer……… this to me is unacceptable.

  87. thean de klerk says:

    All views and opinion of marijuana are pointless. The basic fact of the matter is 70% Of south Africans smoke weed and if anyone actually does the effort to find out the truth about it, and not believe the lies that your parents and teachers told you you will know that it’s less damaging than beer. If marijuana was legalised I’m south Africa it would pull south Africa’s economy out of the toilet and create millions of jobs, farming,packaging, sales even the small business market will get a boost, before you say no. Look at what this simple change has done in America”the best Country in the world”

  88. M-Zin Geli says:

    I am a 31 year old male and I have been using MJ for almost 6 months now and I am kicking myself for being so stereotyped for all my adult life! I used to suffer from severe mood swings, but when I have my MJ tea I am focussed, calm and I finish projects thats I start. I know I sound like an informercial, but there is a reason God created this plant, now who are we to criminalize a plant that grows naturally? I no longer have drinking urges, even when my mates are having their single malts around me. MJ hasn’t made my personal issues dissappear, but at least I can tackle my problems head on with a level head and not run to the bottle each time I hit an obstacle on my path. This plant should at the very least be decriminalised.

  89. M-Zin Geli says:

    By the way, I work in the engineering field where one needs creativity, intelligence and tenacity to make it. MJ does not hinder any of the above. So all those stories about weed makes one lazy or stupid are seriously a bunch of old wives tales.

  90. Caves says:

    So many people are stranded in jail (with rapists, murderers, drug addicts who give a bad name to cannibis etc) for a plant that heals, made by nature. Chemical drugs have killed more people than this plant, so shouldn’t you be arresting chemical corporations. Bayer pharmaceuticals was a creator of Heroine, but still it thrives on sick people’s money. Alcohol has destroyed more lives, go into any government hospital and see the alcoholic mothers babies, etc. People getting circumcition in the bush have a higher death rate & its legal because why its part of culture, so I ask where is my culture gone too if i’m a Christian. I’m not trying to make you one so just back off atheistic religion groups. I’m just trying to support my religion like you are trying to support your atheistic religion, want to see what it has become check the link –

    Quote from a bible to support my religion and culture – Genesis 1:29-31 And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food. And to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the heavens and to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of life, I have given every green plant for food.” And it was so. And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.

    Heres another: Genesis 1:12 The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed according to their own kinds, and trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

    So plainly the government is not respecting my religion and culture, so why should I respect and support this government that lies, betrays, corrupts and whole lot more injustice and gets away with it. Shouldn’t we the public raise our voice and make them see the true governance over public best interests lies not within a corporate government manipulation, but within the general public.

    This is my own story of how this plant (Cannibis) has helped me, you’re welcome to read. It has helped me get off alcohol and cigarettes (chain smoker and heavy drinker; what an income loss for these companies, yay!). This plant cannibis has helped made my lungs stronger to cope with chronic asthma where i don’t need pharmaceutical drugs like Ventalin or Symbichord. Cannibis has given me motivation to stay fit. Best blessings to any person belonging to any culture supporting this movement of truth. If you’re not start to get some brain cells because all the facts are in medical journals to support the healing properties of this magnificent plant.

    P.s this could be the solution to cheap affordable houses for everyone in this country and maybe the President could have an Nkandla hemp house. Millions of Rands saved for better healthcare, think about it.

    • Caves says:

      P.S.S We just mentioned two good properties of this plant theres a whole lot more like Theane de Klerk mentions too.

      Skin care

      You want don’t want too pay pollution emission fee’s and you want too save the tree’s, support hemp and live like a gem. :)

  91. andrew says:

    Hi there… Marijuana!! So much to say say on it. Illegal by law yes, illegal by medical study..No! As a smoker and a recent one that is, going on my first birthday.. My experience with Mary has been a constructive one…
    All this addiction that people are talking about is not an addiction of need and more an addiction of wanting to smoke or consume, I’ve gone without smoking for weeks and I have not gone crazy, but when the time comes I savor it and appreciate the moment as i appreciate every time I have a puff

    Besides the primary factor of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.(beneficial that is).
    Marijuana grown in its natural clean state is less detrimental than a cigarette and the satisfactory benefits are sufficient… meaning, that the urge to have a cigarette is curbed, the urge to have a drink is curbed and the combination of those two are more detrimental than marijuana as there are medical facts and tests to prove this..

    As far as marijuana is seen as a criminal offence, this should not be the case unless the user or grower makes it a laced weed, anything other than the natural plant itself. We are asking that for recreational use be allowed with in our home or property, being that grown or consumed… and not in the streets(safety)

    Yes, there are “side-effects” if one could call it “side-effects” that I do agree upon that research has proven and that I’ve experienced, such as short term memory absence(one minute you’re having a full on convo and the next its as though I’ve frozen… nothing that I have permanently forgotten) all my bolts are still in tact.

    Another, the couch lock, not as if Ill be there forever!!

    Munchies not much to say there… clue? munch munch munch that is.(appetite increase)

    To the law of South Africa, this a plee that the legalisation of marijuana be looked at… and if you’re still skeptical about this topic, do a bit of research and the good type of research too… or research of your own, they say first-hand experience is the best. ;)

    These are only a few views of my experience and research
    I hope that my message will be heard

    This is South Africa… We all have a voice and hopefully the choice

    …Proudly South African…

  92. charlie says:

    I think this is one other way the government can improve our economy based on the fact that our economy is strugling and people are lacking a buying power resulting in food insecure communities. This could result in the utilization of abondened land with lower costs encounterd because growing hemp is cost extensive and medically and environmentally friendly. Legalise it that’s the way to go Europe is doing it with less produnctive land as compared to african countries why not us?

  93. Pauli says:

    Not sure what is going on with regard to legalising cannabis because there is a section 21 form available from the medical council of SA whereby one can apply for permission in respect of cannabis treatment for cancer. If we can legally use it for cancer treatment – how can the production be illegal? Any clarity on this from anybody??

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